Competitive Pricing

We are, of course, in business to make a profit - everybody is. Raven's mindset, however, is to never over-charge any client for any aspect of the work we undertake. We regularly go above and beyond, whether in terms of research, development or deployment, at no additional cost to our clients, as we are firm believers that garnering a positive reputation in the marketplace for the quality of your work is just as important to the business as making a profit. Ultimately, we are hired to provide a professional service, but that does not mean we have to charge the earth for it. Prospective clients may wish to browse some of the feedback we have had, which can be viewed on our Testimonials page.

  • We are very price-sensitive - we want happy clients.
  • We regularly go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Happy to discuss costings with clients as needed.